Ben Newell

I was diagnosed with an aggressive and invasive breast cancer in march 2015. I finished chemo July 2016. I have had a double mastectomy and have more surgery ahead of me.

I'm still alive, still on medication, still suffering the after effects of treatment.

Many people think that by now my life should be back to normal. It's not! 2 years on and i know I'm lucky. With a fantastic support network of friends and family I'm getting there.

Breast Cancer Haven has been there for me too. From the beginning. Offering me counseling. Helping me cope with hair loss. Giving me advice on diet and nutrition. Showing me how to put make up on covering up the 'chemo look'.

I've had reflexology and massage to help with relaxation and promote sleep, something that still evades me.

I don't know what i would have done if Breast Cancer Haven was not there​ for me.

That's why I'm walking 25km on June 16 2017- to raise awareness and money for such an important charity. I'm coming out of the other side of breast cancer now however i want to ensure other women who are newly diagnosed get the continued support that i have had.

My great friends from the TFL Bakerloo line revenue team are walking with me.
Please support us so we can support breast cancer haven who in turn support thousands of women and their families.

Kim Dight

Ben Newell