Working it Out, Seminar

Have you been diagnosed with cancer and have questions or concerns about how this might impact you in the workplace? Read more

Skydive, London

Fancy jumping out of a plane at 10,000ft attached to a professional instructor? Why not take on a skydive for us? Jumps take place year round (weather dependent!). Read more

Bucket Collectors Wanted, London.

Volunteers needed for bucket collections at underground stations in London throughout March, April and May 2017. Read more

How can you help Breast Cancer Haven at the 2017 London Marathon?

Volunteer at this year's London Marathon for Breast Cancer Haven at our cheer point at mile 18.Read more

Nordic walking, Leeds

Nordic Walking is based on cross-country skiing. It will work your whole body without impacting too much on your back, knees and ankles.Read more

Primary Breast Cancer Support Group, Wessex

Support group for anyone diagnosed with primary breast cancerRead more

Yoga Class, Hereford

Yoga at Breast Cancer Haven is designed for people with, or who have had breast cancer. It is slow and gentle and uses modified postures and supports where necessary.Read more

Ear Acupuncture Group, Leeds

Ear acupuncture can be helpful for a range of breast cancer symptoms and side-effects including hot flushes, night sweats, insomnia, anxiety and depression.Read more