Last March, 8 year-old Archie, who lives in Hedge End, wanted to do something to support his mum who was undergoing chemotherapy.

He felt quite helpless not knowing how to help her and seeing her trying to cope with the side effects from the disease and treatment. He knew that she was receiving therapies at Breast Cancer Haven at our Wessex site, so he approached his school and with their help organised a 15 minute sponsored silence for him and his peers.

He raised over £2,000. We were all so proud of him.

We have taken inspiration from Archie and this March we are encouraging local schools to help with the campaign ‘Mums the Word’, held during the week of 20 – 26 March (leading up to Mothers Day), making Mother’s Day Cards during their 15 minutes silence.  

Do you have children/grandchildren or have contacts within local schools that would be willing to encourage them to take part?

We would be so grateful for your support. Could you approach schools in your area to ask them if they could be involved? It is a lovely way for children to learn about their community and show support to people affected by breast cancer. 

If you would like to get involved with this campaign please get in touch with or call 020 7384 0006

We would love to hear from you. No amount is too small to raise.